ONLINE HOBBY SHOW 2023 pre-production sample #7 : 1/18 VERTEX S14 Silvia Yellow Green

1/18 Scale
VERTEX S14 Silvia Yellow Green
Estimated available in Q1-2/2024 (subject to change without prior notice)
Preorder available soon, stay tuned!

VERTEX S14 Silvia in 1/18 scale.
Body colour: Green Metallic,
TE37 type 18 inch wheel (White), Lowering,
VERTEX front bumper, Front fender, Sider skirt, Rear bumper, GT wing, Aero mirror, Large brake caliper, VERTEX decals on body, 
Bucket seat, Roll bar ,VERTEX steering, Large diameter exhaust pipe (Titanium colour).

Many thanks to the car shop "TandE Co. Ltd"! 
We did 3D scanning work at ther shop to scan the real vehicle. 

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