VERTEX Silvia S14 late ver.

We just finished 3D scanning work for VERTEX Silvia S14.
S14 itself is getting rare on the market right now actually but many many thanks for VERTEX and CAR Koubou, they just made a demonstration car with RIDGE aero parts and allowed us to 3D scan it!! 
We very much appreciate your kindest support on us!! 

>>> VERTEX Silvia S14

>>> T&E (VERTEX)

>>> CAR Koubou

We will edit this 3D data with our original deforamtion and adjustment to make the first pre-production sample and then after getting approval from Nissan and VERTEX, we will continue our further development process.
When every details are finalised, we will annouce preorder for this VERTEX S14. 
Until then, stay tuned with us! 

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