Toyota Supra (JZA80) RZ in various scales & colours

Toyota Supra (JZA80) RZ available now!
1/12 scale new colour White (IG1878) and Blue (IG1879) alreayd sold out at our line shop, but the last few pieces of the red colour still available.  

IG1876 1/12 scale Toyota Supra (JZA80) RZ ORIDO-STREET Ver. Red

IG1878 1/12 scale  Toyota Supra (JZA80) RZ White --- sorry all sold out

IG1879 1/12 scale  Toyota Supra (JZA80) RZ Blue --- sorry all sold out

We also haev some smaller scales. 1/18 scale all sold out, but 1/43 ad 1/64 scale now available in stock.
- 1/43 scale
IG1428 Silver

G1429 Blue

IG1975 Matte Blue

IG1976 Gray Metallic

- 1/64 scale
IG1859 White

IG1860 Blue

IG1861 Silver

IG1862 Red

IG1864 Orange

IG1866 Gold

Enjoy our Supra collection!