Pre-production sample 1/18 VERTEX S15 Silvia

Pre-production sample 1/18 VERTEX S15 Silvia
The delivery in early 2021, preorder will be available later, stay tuned with our further update! 

VERTEX S15 Silvia in 1/18 scale.
TE37 type 17 inch wheel (Polish & Gold), GT wing, 
VERTEX aero parts (Front bumper, Front fender, Side skirt, Rear bumper, Aero mirror, Rear window spoiler) , 
Large brake caliper, Bucket seat, VERTEX steering, Large exhaust pipe (titanium colour) 

Many thanks to Nissan and VERTEX to let us do the 3D scanning of the real vehicle! 

Preorder for this model will come availbale later this year. We will update on this blog and our SNS when preorder open. Thanks for your patience until then!

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