ONLINE HOBBY SHOW 2021 pre-production sample photo #11 : 1/18 Datsun Bluebird (510) Wagon Light Blue With Surfboard

1/18 Scale
Datsun Bluebird (510) Wagon Light Blue With Surfboard
online shop special! Order available aroud Oct/Nov 2021.
Thanks for your patience until our further update!

Datsun Bluebird 510 wagon early ver. in 1/18 scale.
Body colour: Light Blue,
Dish wheel 14 inch wheel, Lowering, Front grill early ver.,
Front lip, Front/rear silver plated bumper,
Left hand drive, Wood steering.
The model comes with a surfboard. 

We found 510 wagon owner near our Japan office and he kindy let us do 3D scan of his vehicle. Many thanks! 
The owner said he goes to work by this 510 wagon everyday. His car was in very good condition! 

Our 1/18 scale Datsun Bluebird (510) Wagon in below colours are now available for preorder, please have a look! 

>>> Green --- Jun Imai's brand "KAIDO★HOUSE" x IG collaboration!

>>> White

>>> Red/White/Blue

>>> Yellow