ONLINE HOBBBY SHOW 2021 start from 15 May!

Hello all ignition model fans!
Thanks a lot for your continuous support and passion on our models. 
We will strat “ONLINE HOBBY SHOW 2021” from this Saturday 15th May.
For IG fans outside Japan, we will bring some specials such as
  • IG future coming new product information
  • IG online shop special models
  • IG photo contest on Instagram 
    More details will be updated later on our Facebook or Instagram page.
    Stay tuned with us and we hope you will enjoy our show!
    For more details please go and check the below link;-

    In Japan we now attend "Shizuoka Hobby Show", which is one of the biggest annual hobby fair in Japan. 
    This year unforteunately it opens only for traders due to COVID19 crowd control. 
    However we will share all our new product infomration also on this online hobby show. 
    We hope you will enjoy!