IG ONLINE HOBBYW SHOW 2020 Pre-production sample 1/18 RWB 993 Rough Rhythm

Pre-production sample photos for 1/18 Scale RWB 993 Rough Rhythm!
Preorder available soon, thanks for your patience until our further update. 

This is  a demonstration car with Martini colour wrapping of Mr. Ichiraku / Kamiwaza Japan car "RWB 993 Rough Rhythm".
His car is oriignally Green body colour and this is the Martini colour version for demonstration.  
It comes with Heavenly fender, with rears wider than Royal fender. 

Kamiwaza Japan >>>  https://kamiwaza-japan.jp/

We replicaet this iconic RWB demonstration car "RWB 993 Rough Rhythm" in 1/18 scale. 
Fuchs type 18 inch wheel, Wide fender, High wing, Rubber lip, 
Front/rear canards, Interiors like racing car. 
All exteriors/interiors are to be replicated precisely acording to our 3D canning and photographing of its real vehicle.  
The delivery of this model will be in end 2020 to early 2021. Preoder will be availbale soon.

Many thanks to Mr. Ichiraku / Kamiwaza Japan!
We did 3D scan of his vehicle.

Check IG RWB collection >>> 
**this Rough Rhythm Martini colour wrapping version model, preorder will be available soon, stay tuned with our further update!