IG ONLINE HOBBY SHOW pre-production sample 1/43 scale Toyota Century (UWG60) GRMN White

Preproduction sample photo for 
1/43 scale Toyota Century (UWG60) GRMN White
This will be available on market around Jun-Jul 2020. 

Centruy GRMN is the most luxury edition "GRMN" customised version based on the new generation "Century" unveiled in 2018. 
Only 1 car was produced exclusively for Mr. Akio Toyota , Toyota CEO. 

WEB CARTOP article >>> https://www.webcartop.jp/2018/09/278038/

Toyota Century (UWG60) GRMN

Body colour: White, 19 inch genuine wheel (BBS Silver),
Dedicated front airdum, Side step,
Genuine trunk spoiler, Rear under diffuser,
GRMN emblems, Large brake caliper,
Interiors in White.

The brown metallic ganish under front/rear bumper to the body side is replicaed julst like the one of the real car, by adjusting the colour tone many times in comparison to the real car.  


This model will release soon in Jun-Jul 2020. Preorder was alreay overdue at our oline shop, please ask to your local IG dealer if you are interested.