IG ONLINE HOBBY SHOW 2020 pre-production sample 1/18 GR Supra RZ (A90)

Pre-production sample for 1/18GR Supra RZ (A90) 
Preorder available now! The delivrey will be in Aug/Sep. 

GR Supra (A90) is born 17 years after the last generarion Supra (A80). 
Its highest grade RZ has a straight-6 engine. It's 2997cc turbo engine and maximum 340 horse power.  

IG1891 1/18 Scale
GR Supra RZ (A90) Matte storm Gray Metallic

Many tuning car manufactures already launch various aftermarket parts and demonstration cars. 
This IG model is based on the normal original edition. If you like the orginal edition, this is for you! We try to repliate its unique body colour "Matte Storm Gray" as same as the real vehicle.

We replicate RZ grade in 1/18 scale.
Stock wheel 19 inch, Vehicle height original,
Genuine front lip spoiler, Genuiner side stpe, Interiors original. 

IG did 3D scanning of the real car to replicate the R curved surface of its unique body design.
Many thanks to GAZOO Racing Company to let us 3D scan the real vehicle.

Another colour variation "White Mettalic" will be also available.

IG1892 1/18 Scale  GR Supra RZ (A90) White Metallic

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