IG ONLINE HOBBY SHOW 2020 pre-production sample 1/18 ZEXEL SKYLINE (#25) 1991 SPA 24 hours

Pre-production sample for 
IG2113  1/18 Scale  ZEXEL SKYLINE (#25) 1991 SPA 24 hours
The delivrey will be in Sep/Oct 2020, preorder now available. 

ZEXEL GT-R #25 1991 SPA 24H
driven by N. Hattori / A. Olofsson / D. Brabham from NISMO team. This car got overall victory.

Details are to be replicated, such as  the tire thickness and front/rear camber, wireless antenna specific to endurance races and its number light.

ZEXEL GT-R #25 racing at SPA 24 hours.

 We will release more different variations of GT-R Gr.A. 
STP TAISAN GT-R is also now availbale for preorder.

driven by K.Takahashi / K. Tsuchiya
Winning car at 1993 JTC Oita Auto Polis.

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