IG ONLINE HOBBY SHOW 2020 pre-production sample 1/18 SUZUKI Jimny SIERRA JC (JB74W)

IG ONLINE HOBBY SHOW 2020 pre-production sample photos for
1/18 SUZUKI Jimny SIERRA JC (JB74W)  Jungle Green Lift Up
Estimated delivrey in the end 2020 to early 2021, preorder will be avaiable later. 

This is the 4th generation Jimny. It was launced with complete changed designs in July 2018.
Nearly 2 years have passed sicne its debut but it's very popular and it still takes some time to get delivery of the vehicle. 

Jimny offroad driving  (by SUZUKI) >>>  https://www.suzuki.co.jp/car/jimny/special/offroad/

IG 1/18 scale model is Jimny SIERRA (JB74W) cusomised version.
A・LAP-J type 16 inch wheel, 2 inch lift-up, 
Genuine front under guard, Side protector, Spare tyre in back, Roof carrier, 
Left/right large diameter 2 exhaust pipes, Off-road tyres with white letter, 
Normal steering, RECARO seat (left/right), 4 point seat belt, 
Removable roof rack, with extra water decals for decoration.  

All interiors / exteriors are to be precisely replicated accoding to our 3D scan and photographs of the real vehicle. 
The normal edition is also on our plan, stay tuned with our further update. 
If you like the normal edtiion, check this out! 

RAYS 1 piece wheel "A・LAP-J" >>>  https://www.rayswheels.co.jp/products/wheel.php?lang=ja&wheel=ALAP-J

We IG have collaborated with 4x4 MAGAZINE and the exttra water decals will be packed togetehr with this model. 
Many thanks to 4x4 MAGAZINE! 

4x4 MAGAZINE official website>>>

These are water decals. You can apply these decals on your model as you like. 
We hope you can enjoy your own original decoration! 

The preorder will be coming up availale later for this Jimny 1/18 scale model with decal set. 
Stay tuned with us!!