IG ONLINE HOBBY SHOW 2020 pre-production sample 1/18 PANDEM Supra (A90) Silver

Pre-production sample photo for 
1/18 scale PANDEM Supra (A90) Silver
The estimated delivery will be in this winter, preorder will be avialbale soon, thanks for your patiene and stay tuned with our further update! 

PANDEM Supra (A90) designed by Kei Miura, TRA Kyoto. His brand "Rocket Bunny" is well-known all over the world. 
IG did 3D scanning of the real car to replicate the R curved surface of its unique body design and the wide & low PANDEM aero parts. 
20 inch mesh wheel, GT wing, Large brake caliper, 
Roll bar, Large diameter exhaust pipe in Titanum colour, Bucket seat.
All interiors/exteriors details are to be replicated, incouding the screws on the overfender.

Here below is the 3D CAD designed by Kei Miura.

We have previosuly anounced the red metallic version.
This silver one comes with GT wing, the wing shape is diferent from the red metallic version. 
Which one you like? 

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