IG ONLINE HOBBY SHOW 2020 pre-production sample 1/18 J'S RACING S2000 (AP1) 魔王

Pre-production sample photos for 
1//18 Scale  J'S RACING  S2000 (AP1)
We are now developing and the esimtaed delivery in 2021.
Preorder available soon, stay tuned with our further update! 

This "J's RACING S2000 魔王" has got the title "魔王" , which is the title for the best tuning car, in 峠最強伝説("BEST MOTORing") "Hot Version", tuining car street racing project.    

Many thanks to J's RACING, they let us do the 3D scanning of their machine. 

This has J's RACING original aero parts and 360ps NA2.6L engine. 
The large graphic decoration on its aero kits is outstanding.  

Hot Version(魔王決定戦 2016 峠最強伝説)>> 

We replicate this car in 1/18 scale.

RAYS CE28N type 18 inch wheel, Lowering.
J's RACING original aero parts, Lip spoiler, Carbon hard-top, Carbon trunk, 
GT wing, Front bumper left/right canards, Large brake caliper, 
Left/right RECARO seat, 4 point seat belt, J's RACING original steering. 

The graphic design on the body is to be replicated with decal. 
With our 3D scanning data an photographs of the real vehicle, the exteriors/interiors details will be replicated precisely.  
We will update preorder details soon on our SNS and online shop "https://ig-model.online/
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